Cobra/Puma Program

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I’d like to announce that Cobra/Puma Golf has agreed to sponsor the TPS! This means that the Puma, the fashion leader in golf, and Cobra, one of the top equipment companies in the game will be offering support and incentives for participants of the TPS starting immediately!

First, I want to make one thing clear — there will be a membership fee involved in joining the Puma Program, but all juniors are welcome to continue in the TPS even if they have no interest in the Puma program. I think you will like what Puma has to offer, but you are under no obligation to join, and will still be eligible for all TPS events.

Here’s how it will work: all juniors who join the Puma Program starting this coming weekend will receive the following for a $45 membership fee:

Cobra*A Puma TPS Golf Hat

*A Puma Mesh Belt (in color of your choice)

*A Puma Tri-Fold Golf Towel

*25% off all Puma Gear, all year

*10% off all Cobra Equipment, all year

*Monthly Specials with more than 25% savings on Puma Gear

*A chance to win monthly Puma Gear with TPS points

*Additional prizes and giveaways from Puma

I think this will be a great program and add a little excitement to the TPS! The hat, belt, and towel are worth more than the membership fee of $45, and soon we will be working on TPS team shirts and other incentives.