Junior Programs at Lakeview

We take a lot of pride in the Junior Programs we offer at Lakeview Golf Club. The variety of programs we offer and our dedication to helping create excitement among young golfers has made Lakeview one of the premier venues for junior golf in the western part of Virginia.

Our primary developmental program, The Tournament Players’ Series, meets throughout the year and caters to kids from age 5 to 18. It is good for beginner and intermediate juniors, but is designed to help them develop the skills to be successful competitors in high school and beyond. The Lakeview Junior Tour provides a series of tournaments designed to be the first competitive experience for golfers between 8 and 18 years old — cost effective and casual, to make competition a great experience for juniors.

We also offer a series of Junior Camps throughout the summer months, for ages 8-13, for beginner and intermediate kids. Prep Week, usually the last week of July, is the high school version of camp, taking place the week before the high school season begins to help juniors sharpen up before tryouts. We sometimes offer other programs such as joint tournaments with other regional tours like The First Citizens Junior Golf Tour, and the College Prep Tour, so feel free to reach out if you want to be kept in the loop: John Rogers, john.rogers.golf@gmail.com, 540-421-4270. More info available below:


Tournament Players’ Series (TPS)

Established in 2001, this program was originally designed to prepare young golfers for competition in high school and beyond, but it grew over the years and expanded to include several different age brackets. Technically our season runs from October through the following August (taking a break during the high school golf season), but we tend to meet all year, weather permitting.

We most often meet on Saturdays, but around the holidays and during the summer we often meet on other days. There are no up-front membership fees, and juniors are welcome to come and go as they are available (avoiding conflict with other sports seasons, etc.). Participants earn points each time they attend a session, and earn additional points in the weekly skills challenges. They can also earn points by simply playing golf or doing other golf-related activities, like going to watch a professional tournament. The points accrue throughout the year until we have annual champions in each age bracket.

A typical practice session involves a period of one-on-one instruction, a snack break, and concludes with interactive skills competitions. On occasion, especially around holidays, we have a fun, team-oriented 9-hole outing followed by food for the players.

I generally email group mid-week about practice times for the coming weekend, so please let me know if you would like to be added to the list. Here’s info about each group within the TPS program:

Mini Group: Ages 5-9. Sessions are typically one hour long and cost $15. Basic skills and putting are emphasized, and the group occasionally goes on the course to play a hole or two. The points race is not emphasized as much in the youngest group, but there are still end-of-season awards in this division. Practices most often take place between 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM on Saturdays.

Mid Group: Ages 10-13. Sessions are typically 1.5 hours and cost is $20 (siblings usually get a $5 discount from their total). This is a vibrant group, and usually our biggest group. The emphasis is on developing great swing techniques, and the interactive parts of our practices focus on all parts of the short-game. This group often pairs with the older groups to play fun, 9-hole outings. Practices most often take place between noon and 2:30 on Saturdays.

High School Group: Ages 13-18. Sessions are typically 1.5 hours and cost is $20. Drills and techniques become more advanced and there’s an increased focus on things like on-course strategies. Practices most often take place between 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM on Saturdays.

Elite Group: Ages 13-18. This group is by invitation and is designed for highly competitive juniors and /or kids who have developed the ability to shoot scores in the 70s. Sessions are 1.5 hours and cost $20. Competitive strategies are emphasized. Practices most often take place later in the afternoon on Saturdays.


Lakeview Junior Tour

This series of summer tournaments at Lakeview are designed to be a fun, stress-free way for young golfers to get some experience at competitive golf. We help young golfers learn about proper score-keeping, basic rules, and so forth. The tour membership fee is just $30 with fees for each tournament set at $25. Golf, awards, and food are included, and we are fortunate to be able to offer substantially increased awards for our juniors thanks to donations provided by the annual Dorman Cup, a tournament held in honor of our former Club President, Hank Dorman.

Ages 8-10 generally play a 6-hole tournament from “tournament tees” in the fairway. Ages 10-12 generally play a 9-hole tournament from the green tees. Ages 13-18 are generally divided into two divisions, one playing from gold tees and one from white tees, and they play 18 holes.

For dates and registration, please see the Lakeview website: Lakeview Junior Tour .


Lakeview Junior Camps

Every summer we hold a series of two-day and three-day camps for kids between 8-13 years of age. These are designed for beginners and intermediate players, and we can provide clubs for complete beginners. The cost is generally $30 per day and includes instruction, lunch, and prizes. Camp days typically go from 9 AM to 1 PM. Basic skills are emphasized before lunch each day, with games and skills competitions after lunch. Three-day camps usually conclude with time on the course on the final day.


For dates and registration, please see the Lakeview website: Lakeview Junior Camps .