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Frame the Body for a More Efficient Golf Swing

Earn the Release

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Putting in Perspective

Golf as a Metaphor

Creating a Swing With Tour-Like Beauty

The President’s Cup Returns

The Physical Challenge of Golf

The Inside Scoop

A Beginner Again

Winter in the Mid-Atlantic

Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long?

Out of Posture

The Open at Pinehurst

The Pinehurst Trip

Taming the Beast of Tournament Golf

Talking Heads

Summer in the Shenandoah Valley

Pinehurst Revisited

The Fall Trip to Mount Mitchell

Subcultures in Golf

Fix the Finish

Going to Great Lengths

Patience is a Virtue in Every Language

Plebeians Playing on Mount Olympus

Praising Lakeview

Rejoining the Battle

Relaxation Makes it a Swing

Right Might be Wrong

Simplify the Swing

Spring in the Shenandoah Valley

About Junior Golf

About the Yips

Fit to a Tee

Firing on All Cylinders

Buying a Game

Be a Match-Maker

Au Natural Again

Absolutely Great Putting

About Trajectory

No Bones About It, It Was Ian’s Day

The Spiritual Side of Golf

Golf and Fitness

Learning the Game

Winter Golf

A Battle of High Principles

Playing the Odds

Kiss Three-Putts Goodbye

Of Two Minds

Patience is a Virtue

The Long Ball

Tale of the Tape

Bridgewater on the Rise

Going Au Natural

Seeking Consistency