Rankings: How They Work

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Golfweek Performance Index



This is a rating system developed by Jeff Sagarin that is based on a player’s competitiveness against other players over the period of a year. All players in the rankings become inter-connected based on their head-to-head performances in shared tournaments.

To be ranked in the GPI, a player must:

  • Compete in at least 5 events in the past year.
  • Compete in events with a field size of 40 players for boys, and 12 players for girls, and which are considered regional or national events.
  • Compete in events that are a minimum of 36 holes and preferably 54 holes.
  • Compete in the oldest age bracket, unless all players play from the same tees.

The following criteria are used to determine a player’s ranking:

  • Power Rating: This is not a stroke average, but it does represent a typical score. It rates a player based on his previous performances and his stroke differential against all other players in the rankings.
  • Schedule Strength: A measure of the strength of the fields a player has played against based on all the individual power ratings that make up the field.
  • Records: A player’s win-loss-tie record in head to head competition (the winner of a 156-player field has a record of 155-0-0, and so on).



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