Which Tour Is For Me?

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golfball-sm If you are looking for stronger regional fields, but not necessarily worried about rankings, the best options are the MAPGA Junior Tour, the Elite Players’ Tour, and the Plantations Junior Golf Tour. The MAPGA and EPT hold events in Virginia and Maryland, and are in the mid-price range. The PJGT is a more costly, national tour with quite a few events within driving distance. Some of the events on these tours are ranked.

golfball-sm If you do not mind travel and expense to play elite, ranked tournaments, the PGA Junior Series and the Future Collegians World Tour are good options. The PGA Junior Series does not have a membership fee, so it might be worth checking out the one not-too-distant stop in 2010—Penn State. The FCWT has an event in Charlottesville, but would likely only be worth the membership and entry fees if you are willing to travel to other events.

golfball-sm If your priority is to prepare for college golf through elite competition and rankings, the best options are the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls’ Tour, the International Junior Golf Tour, and the American Junior Golf Association. The PKBGT offers good exposure through rankings for a moderate price (girls only). The IJGT is expensive, but has quite a few events in the Mid-Atlantic region, and offers exposure through rankings as good as any junior tour. The AJGA is the premier junior tour in the country and is the usual stepping stone for collegiate, elite amateur, and even future professional players. Another possible avenue is a collection of tours focused in the Carolinas under the umbrella of the National Junior Golf Tour.