Sam & Me IIMost people play golf for enjoyment; and they get more enjoyment when they develop consistency — the ability to hit the kind of shots they like (and shoot scores they like) more often. Therefore, my goal as an instructor is to help people enjoy golf more by helping them find consistency in their skills.
The way to achieve consistency is to develop skills that are simple enough to be repeated. This means a fundamentally sound setup, fewer moving parts in the swing, fewer planes for the parts that do move, and hopefully fewer things cluttering up the mind. Playing golf well is not just about learning what to do — it is learning what not to do, because “less is more” in golf. Removing extra and unnecessary movements allows each golfer to develop a simpler, more consistent swing.
I have been teaching since 1996, the whole time at Lakeview Golf Club. I’ve had the privilege of sharing 30,000 sessions with over 5,000 clients, players of all ability levels. Even after all this time I remain passionate and committed to helping people develop into the kind of players they want to be.


Since becoming a full-time college coach in 2017, I have continued to provide instruction at Lakeview as time allows. I generally teach most weekday evenings throughout the year, and in June & July I basically teach full-time. With the HD simulators in the Lakeview clubhouse I have the ability to meet clients during inclement weather and after normal hours. On Saturdays I generally host our junior programs, but often have room for an appointment or two in the afternoon. I occasionally open up slots on Sunday afternoon as well.

In recent seasons I have moved away from my traditional 45-minute slots in favor of 30-minute slots, which allows me to see more clients with my limited time. I have also moved away from packages, but am willing to design a long-term developmental program as requested. For two people sharing a lesson-slot, I generally take the single-person rate and multiply it by 1.5.

Please contact me by email ( or phone (540-421-4270) to schedule an appointment.


2022 Rates

30-Minute Lesson (Adult) $35
60-Minute Lesson (Adult) $60
30-Minute Lesson (Junior) $30
60-Minute Lesson (Junior) $50
Adult Small-Group (3 or more golfers) $30 / person
Junior Small-Group (3 or more golfers) $20 / person
9-Hole Playing Lesson (All fees included) $90


Tournament Players Series (Weekend Junior Program)

This is a program designed to help junior golfers find a passion for the game, develop their skills, and prepare for competition, all while having IMG_20140704_140050fun. Participants meet weekly from November through July, taking a break during the high school golf season (August through October). Sessions usually cost $20, but tournaments and other events sometimes cost more. A typical practice lasts one and a half hours: 45 minutes of one-on-one instruction followed by 45 minutes of interactive games and competitions with other participants. The juniors earn points each time they participate, and each time they win a skills challenge. It’s also a TPS tradition to play tournaments throughout the year, especially around holidays, giving the juniors a chance to play for prizes, points, and pizza. At the end of the season there is a group dinner with recognition of the season’s top participants.

There are four groups in the TPS program: the Mini Group is for young golfers from ages 5-9 (sessions for the Mini Group are an hour and cost $15); the Mid Group is for ages 9-12; the High School Group is for ages 13-18; and the Elite Group is by invitation and generally includes junior golfers who shoot scores in the 70’s.